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ERASERHEAD PRESS –  Since 1999, the Portland based company Eraserhead Press has been a leading publisher of weird cult fiction and was one of the three founding presses of the bizarro fiction genre. The company has launched the careers of several Bizarro fiction authors, such as Carlton Mellick III, Mykle Hansen, Jeff Burk, Chris Genoa, and many more.

RAW DOG SCREAMING PRESS – One of the three founding presses of the bizarro fiction genre, publishing horror and experimental fiction as well as bizarro. They publish quality bizarro fiction by authors such as D. Harlan Wilson, Jeremy Shipp, Eckhard Gerdes, John Edward Lawson, and others.

SWALLOWDOWN PRESS – Another Portland-based Bizarro press, Swallowdown publishes stylish bizarro fiction from authors such as Jeremy Robert Johnson, Cody Goodfellow, J. David Osborne, Forrest Armstrong, and others

LAZY FASCIST PRESS – Portland-based publisher of Bizarro, offbeat literature, and monstrous, unclassifiable texts. Publishing authors such as Blake Butler, Stephen Graham Jones, Kris Saknussemm, Sam Pink, Alan M. Clark, Nick Antosca, and others.

DEADITE PRESS – The cult horror imprint of Eraserhead Press, publishing hardcore horror by Edward Lee, Brian Keene, Bryan Smith, J F Gonzalez, and Wrath James White, as well as Bizarro horror by Robert Devereaux, David Agranoff, Andre Duza, and Dave Brockie of GWAR.

GRINDHOUSE PRESS – Publisher of cult horror, bizarro, and general sleaze, including authors such as Andersen Prunty, Gina Ranalli, and William Pauley III.

ATLATL PRESS – Midwest publisher of offbeat fiction, including authors such as Andersen Prunty and D. Harlan Wilson.

AFTERBIRTH BOOKS– The now defunct Afterbirth Books was one of the three founding publishers of the bizarro fiction genre. They helped a lot of new talented writers get their start, including Gina Ranalli, Bruce Taylor, Bradley Sands, Kevin Dole 2, and Ray Fracolossy. A selection of their titles are still available in print.

BIZARRO PULP PRESS – An independent publisher of weird fiction.

STRANGEHOUSE BOOKS –  A small press publisher of horror and cult fiction.

ROOSTER REPUBLIC PRESS – A small press niched in publishing Strange and Bizarro Fiction

SPUNK GOBLIN – Eraserhead’s imprint for bizarro children’s books.

SHARK VS. BADGER – Eraserhead’s imprint for bizarro comic books.

THE NEW BIZARRO AUTHOR SERIES– Eraserhead’s imprint for giving more new authors a chance at publication. Edited by Kevin L. Donihe, Kevin Shamel, and Spike Marlowe.

AVANT PUNK BOOKS – Eraserhead’s imprint for publishing books to be included in Carlton Mellick III’s Avant Punk Book Club.

VOODOO PRESS – Publisher of German-language Bizarro, horror, zombie, noir and fantasy books.

DOG HORN PUBLISHING – UK-based press that publishes cross-genre, slipstream, Bizarro, postmodern, surreal, illustrated, experimental, punky, spunky, collaged madness.

COPELAND VALLEY PRESS – dedicated to publishing offbeat fiction and non-fiction of impeccable quality.

BLACK RAINBOWS PRESS – A publishing company that puts out books that freak, horrify, terrify, petrify, appall, shock , startle, stun, dismay and in general scare the pants off of people; mostly themselves.

SINISTER GRIN PRESS –  A publishing company that puts out books that freak, horrify, terrify, petrify, appall, shock , startle, stun, dismay and in general scare the pants off of people; mostly themselves.

MORBIDBOOKS – Bizarro. Splatterpunk. Tortureporn. Horror. Madness.

PERMUTED PRESS –  Industry-leading independent publisher of sci-fi, fantasy, post-apocalyptic and horror fiction.

CIVIL COPING MECHANISMS – A continuously expanding selection of innovative literature and poetry.

BROKEN RIVER BOOKS – Blending the innovative and the pulp, the crime and the weird.

PSYCHEDELIC HORROR PRESS – Psychedelic Horror Press is exclusively devoted to publishing a new genre entitled psychedelic horror; however, we are also open to publishing art-house horror, Bizarro, and transgressive experimental fiction. We are especially fond of visual/textual spiral narratives.

WORD HORDE – Words and ideas that only the best storytellers can create.

BREAKROOM STORIES – Audio journal publishing Bizarro & Bizarro adjacent works.





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