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Brigade Point System and Ranking

To get a free book, earn 300 points.

Here’s how: Review = 30 points (10 reviews gets you a book)

Library Placement = 10 points for trying, 20 points for succeeding (let us know when you’ve requested a book be added, send us proof when it does—online catalog, photo of library-stamped book, etc.)

Contributing Content to Bizarro Central = 10 points per article

Reviews on your blog/tumblr/etc. or other bizarro blog content = 5 points

Copy-Edit a Novel = 300 points

Copy-Edit a Novella = 150 points

Recruiting Members of the Brigade = 6 points (when they join, they add you as their referrer)

Promotional Work = TBD (this will depend on what we need you to do and before you do it, you’ll know how many points we’re offering)

Bonus Promo = TBD (if you have an idea for a promotional idea, the Commander at Large will determine its point value with you)

Weird bonus items will come available—like art, special books and zines, promotional doo-dads from authors, and stuff like that. Their points will be determined according to the rarity and all-around awesomeness of the item.

Move up in rank.

Those who hold rank in the Brigade get extra points each month. Holding rank means taking responsibilities, and that’s why we pay ranking members. Lieutenants in the Brigade will be in charge of three sergeants each, and report to a colonel. Sergeants will be in charge of three grunts (maybe a couple more if the Sarge can take it), and report to a lieutenant. This is to ensure that no one is overloaded with responsibility, but that a clear, strong chain of command is maintained. All of you report to the Commander at Large, and he is responsible for all of the Brigade.

Points for ranking members:

Colonels : 60 pts a month

Lieutenants : 40 pts a month

Sergeants: 30 pts a month

Work your way up.

As a grunt, you are responsible for only yourself. You report to your sergeant. But if you’d like some monthly bonus points, as well as first look at exclusive items as they make their way down the chain of command, you might want to think about gaining some rank. We certainly encourage those of you who’d rather stay in charge of only you to do just that. But if you’ve got ambition, why not climb your way up the weirdo ladder?

Holding rank means forwarding information, be it on its way down from the Commander, or on its way up from the grunts. You will simply be in charge of passing up or down the word. You’ll get some glory, too, and of course, be a little more in the know than those below.

So, say you’re a lieutenant. The newest book to review comes down from your colonel. You send it to the three sergeants below you, who pass it on to their grunts. Those three sergeants pass info from the grunts to you, and you pass it on to your colonel, who sends it to the commander. BAM! The bizarro chain of command.

It’s not easy gaining rank. We don’t want shitloads of colonels.

We’ll keep track of the points you earn forever. That’s some of the information that will be passed along. We’ll also pass down your certificates of rank when you gain it, so all of the people above you can groove on your fabulousness.

Grunt to Sergeant = 2000 accumulated points

Sergeant to Lieutenant = 10,000 accumulated points

Lieutenant to Colonel = 60,000 accumulated points