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Brigade Catalog

Welcome to the Bizarro Brigade Catalog

Earn enough points, and you can pick from any of these books. This catalog will change often. We’ve added the number of books in stock beside the titles so you know how fast you gotta snap them up. Enjoy. And thank you for all your work.

Bizarro Brigade EXCLUSIVES:

These books can only be earned through Brigade points. No one else is gonna get these books. JUST YOU. They’re worth 300 points. Trade ’em in, troops!  They’ll go fast. (we’ll have some more in stock soon)

Cancer Cute by Carlton Mellick III (0)
Docket #347ZA by Kevin L. Donihe (0)
Counting Earps and Other Rejekts by D. Harlan Wilson (0)

LegumeMan books are in! We now have to offer you: A Million Versions of Right, Dinner Bell for the Dream Worms, Archelon Ranch, The Place in Between, and 10 A Boot Stomping 20 A Human Face 30 Goto 10! Look for them below.

Grindhouse Press and Atlatl Press books are also available now!  Check out books by Anderson Prunty, William Pauley III, Chris Bowsman, Nathaniel Lambert, and Brian Cartwright.

AND from Raw Dog Screaming Press we have added a book by John Edward Lawson. Look for The Plague Factory below.

Each of these books is worth 300 points:

The Overwhelming Urge  (2)

Piecemeal June (1)

They Had Goat Heads (3)

Extinction Journals (0)

Zerostrata (0)

The Plague Factory (9)

Dinner Bell for the Dream Worms (1)

Help! A Bear is Eating Me! (0)

By The Time We Leave Here, We’ll Be Friends (0)

Ultra Fuckers  (0)

House of Houses (0)

Jack and Mr. Grin (3)

Shatnerquake (0)

10 A Boot Stomping 20 A Human Face 30 Goto 10 (0)

Sausagey Santa (1)

The Brothers Crunk (6)

A Life on Fire (3)

Adolf in Wonderland (0)

Archelon Ranch (1)

Sky Tongues (0)

Cannibals of Candyland (0)

Jack’s Magic Beans (7)

Shark Hunting in Paradise Garden (1)

Ocean of Lard (0)

Sea of the Patchwork Cats (1)

The Baby Jesus Butt Plug (1)

Angel Dust Apocalypse (1)

The Greatest Fucking Moment in Sports (5)

The Horribles (1)

The Ballad of a Slow Poisoner (1)

Carnageland (1)

Sex Dungeon for Sale (5)

The Deadheart Shelters (3)

Rotten Little Animals (1)

Naked Metamorphosis  (3)

Ass Goblins of Auschwitz (2)

Starfish Girl (0)

Siren Promised (0)

Lost in Cat Brain Land (0)

Losing the Light (0)

My Fake War (4)

The Faggiest Vampire (0)

These books are worth 400 points:

The Emerald Burrito of Oz (3)

Warrior Wolf Women of the Wasteland  (0)

A Million Versions of Right (1)

Fuckness (3)

Washer Mouth: The Man Who Was a Washing Machine (1)

Urban Gothic (2)

Perfect Union (2)

The Sorrow King (0)

The Beard (1)

Rampaging Fuckers of Everything on the Crazy Shitting Planet of the Vomit Atmosphere (1)

Apeshit (0)

Fistful of Feet (2)

The Place in Between (2)

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars (2)

Cybernetrix (0)

Foop! (0)

Fishy-fleshed (4)

Satan Burger (0)

The Kafka Effekt (1)

Slaughterhouse High (2)

Squid Pulp Blues (0)

Bonus Items:

We will have exclusive items for various point values determined by availability and how fucking cool it is.