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Vincent Sakowski

Dark, dream-like satires filled with television shoes and flesh-filled skies.

“It takes a sickly twisted mind to come up with tales that will leave you laughing, scratching your head, and occasionally grossed out.” – Schtinky

“Vincent W. Sakowski is perhaps the most subversive of all the Bizarro writers working today…everyone who loves the surreal should be reading him right now, before he undoes the fabric of the universe and pulls you inside-out right along with it.” – Michael Arnzen, author of Play Dead

“Genuine vision, knowing nastiness, and beautiful bewilderments…” – Jeremy Robert Johnson


Vincent writes in a style of Bizarro he calls blender fiction (slipstream with a darker, sharper, jagged edge) that tends to be humorous, satirical, and filled with irony. Often they are dream-like logistics, but everyone’s awake and suffering just the same… whether or not they’re enjoying their suffering is another matter entirely. Like an odd mixture of the Brothers Quay, Philip K. Dick, Albert Camus, and Lewis Carroll, Vincent’s dreamscapes of television shoes and flesh-filled skies will make you think and laugh while satiating even the most starving of imaginations.

Vincent has spent his life exploring the arts in a variety of forms: from pottery and the visual arts, to stage plays (as writer, director, and actor), writing, playing music (guitar, bass, and mandolin), and has lately been dabbling in film. He was born and raised in Saskatoon, SK, Canada, in a three-room igloo.

His short stories have appeared in Challenging Destiny, Electric Velocipede, The Bizarro Starter Kit, and Open Space: New Canadian Fantastic Fiction, among others.