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Vince Kramer

The Best Author Ever.

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“Vince Kramer, officially the funniest guy EVER, is an explosively irreverent creator of larger than life fiction.” – Andrew Freudenberg, British Person

“Vince Kramer has the uncanny ability to pull hysterical, meaningful and entertaining bizarro out of any orifice.” – Kirsten Alene Pierce, author of Unicorn Battle Squad

“Vince Kramer has been credited with ‘writing’ one of the greatest books ever. But to be accurate, he SHED Gigantic Death Worm like a layer of snake-skin. It came off him fully formed. AND THEN I ATE IT. I ATE THAT FUCKING SHIT AND IT IS SWIMMING IN MY BLOODSTREAM.” – Gary Author Brown, Arthur of Kitten

“This is the bizarro’s bizarro choice out of this year’s NBAS. Vince Kramer just doesn’t give a fuck whether you like his book or not. He just crams the book with awesomeness from cover to cover. Things will fucking explode. There will be ninjas and booze. If things stop making sense, that is probably your fault.” – Eric Hendrixson, author of Bucket of Face

“Vince Kramer’s penis is as big as his action figure collection!” – Famous Author Mykle Hansen


Vince Kramer is a fairly new author originally hailing from Arizona.  His particular form of art is often misconstrued as “pornography,” and his unique personality often misconstrued as “inappropriate.”  Inspired to become a writer by old friend Carlton Mellick, he moved up to Portland and actually did it, coming out with his first book 6 months later.  And so Gigantic Death Worm came into being—an action-packed journey into insane hilarity, complete with wolf-spitting bears, flying Mexican ninjas, giant worms and the end of the world.  And people actually liked it.  So he was all like, “Holy shit!  I’m the best author ever!  I’m going to write fuckloads of books now about more crazy shit and it’s going to be the BEST THING EVER!”  He is currently working on that.

In his free time Vince shoots tasteless photos of action figures fucking, organizes his massive CD, DVD, book, and record collection, goes to concerts, and plays with his pet iguana, Desmond Harrington.  He likes sharks, death metal, comic books, Star Wars and G.I. Joe action figures, and 80s music.  He hates sharks, being scared of sharks, people talking about how they have the right to live, their soulless eyes, and midgets.

His favorite Bizarro authors are Carlton Mellick, Mykle Hansen, Kevin L. Donihe, Kevin Shamel, and Cameron Pierce.

He is currently living.





2 responses

  1. Matt,I thought of you yeerstday on St. Patrick’s Day. I am guessing your trainer gave a thumbs down to morning beers and corned beef sandwiches. Hopefully you still had a great day, and hopefully you are still pushing hard and making good progress. Michelle and I are thinking of you. Tim

    April 20, 2013 at 10:06 am

    • Tim, I’m not Matt, but I love corned beef sandwiches. Also – I just found out recently that I’m not Irish anymore. I’m Scottish now, and I’m afraid St. Patrick’s Day is frowned upon. :(

      June 28, 2013 at 6:11 am

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