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Tony Rauch

A little bit of everything swirled together.

“Tony Rauch?s fictions capture a sense of the irreal with style and precision. Here is an author who effectively represents the rabid intricacies of absurd life, using the colloquial to convey the byzantine.” – D. Harlan Wilson

“With each story, Tony Rauch invites you into a house he has built in space, decorated with the absurd humor of Barry Yourgrau and the neuroses of Woody Allen.” – Andersen Prunty, author of Overwhelming Urge

“If William Borroughs and Garrison Keillor had a love child in a parallel universe, it would have to be Tony Rauch!” – Jonas Agee

“Laced with the zaniness and ironies of contemporary life and the wit to deal with them.” – Jim Heynen


TONY RAUCH specializes in short stories that can be described as abstract, funky, jazzy, dream-like, and surreal. His fiction explores the absurd, the silly, the unexpected, the odd, the fragile, the subconscious, the strange juxtaposed against the banal, dreams, loneliness, isolation, regret, fears, impermanence, uncertainty, imbalance, a person’s search for his or her place in an indifferent world, and general weirdness.

Tony’s influences include Dr. Suess, Donald Barthelme, Kurt Vonnegut, Roald Dahl, Franz Kafka, Antoine de Saint Exupery, Steve Martin, Barry Yourgrau, Mark Leyner, Ray Bradbury, and Rod Serling.

By day, he works in architecture and urban designing in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He aspires to have a cheese named after him, preferably an offense-smelling one.