The cult section of the literary world

Steve Lowe

His mission in life: To make you laugh, or make you squirm. Preferably, both at the same time.

Steve Lowe banner

“Lowe doesn’t waste a single word.” – Jordan Krall, author of Fistful of Feet

“[Muscle Memory] has both emotional resonance and sly humour in abundance. I recommend it very highly and can only assume that Lowe has a very bright future ahead of him.” – Matthew Revert, author of A Million Versions of Rights

“Steve Lowe is depraved! He taught me a few things with this hilarious, dangerous, sexy (?) book… None of which I wanted to learn.” – Kevin Shamel, author of Rotten Little Animals, Island of the Super People, and Porn Land.

“Completely amazing in so many ways. So sick. Oh, so sick.” – Caris O’Malley, author of The Egg Said Nothing

“Steve Lowe continues to fascinate and frighten me. I highly recommend any of his novels…as long as you have a sense of humor.” – A random Internet groupie

“He re-defines the concept of fiction, molding the form into something never before seen.” – Nobody


Steve Lowe writes Bizarro fiction about subjects ranging from the Alabama Hot Pocket and Indian burial ground weed, to body-switching rednecks and talking sloths. Pretty versatile, huh? I know, right? Bitchin’.

Steve Lowe also writes about college hockey and high school sports for several newspapers in Northern Indiana.

At some point, these two worlds will collide and possibly destroy him. It will be spectacular.

Steve Lowe is the author of four Bizarro books: Muscle Memory, King of the Perverts, Samurai vs. Robo-Dick, and Mio Padre il Tumore.

Steve Lowe has never killed a man just to watch him die. Most of the deaths could be argued as cases of self-defense, but at least two would be considered premeditated murder in most courts of law, excepting perhaps more lenient or easily-bought courts in certain Central American countries.

Yes, he is THAT Steve Lowe.

Whatever it is you claim Steve Lowe has done, you have no proof, so sit on it, Potsie.


King of the Perverts Muscle Memory


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