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Steve Beard

“I’ve been reading Beard for some time and enjoying his brand of fiction along with other discerning readers with a taste for the visionary.” – Michael Moorcock

“Clever…His more lurid imagery is sure to repulse some readers.” – Publishers Weekly

“Beard brilliantly jettisons notions of literary depth for more stimulating forms of intellectual complexity.” – Stewart Home

“Avant-garde science fiction on the order of William Burroughs, Steve Beard crafts a tale from inside a near-future British Interzone, one as lurid and discomforting as any Beat junkie dystopia.” – Pop Matters


STEVE BEARD’S approach to writing uses remix techniques from dance music and applies them to fiction – including the police interrogation and confession, the action/adventure videogame, the violent dream text and the surreal film script. All of his work originates with pop outsider themes – Dianagate conspiracy theory, Jack the Ripper serial killer archetypology, Genesis P Orridge-style chaos magick, alien abduction scenarios, Satanic ritual child abuse – and packs them into a William Burroughs-style comic routine. William Gibson has said Beard’s work is “fresh evidence that the street finds its own uses for literature.”

Beard was born in England in 1961, and has authored the ambient novel “Digital Leatherette” and the artist’s book “Perfumed Head.” His short stories have appeared in the anthologies Disco 2000, Suspect Device and Britpulp! His essays and journalism are collected in the books “Logic Bomb” and “Aftershocks.” Beard has contributed to magazines such as i-D, The Face, Raygun, and Wired. At the moment, Steve Beard is collaborating with British novelist Jeff Noon on a baroque fantasy novel.