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Shane McKenzie

Author of extreme, weird, and icky horror books.

Shane McKenzie banner

“One of the most imaginative writers I’ve read in recent years.” – Carlton Mellick III

“Unflinching and uncompromising, tough and talented, Shane McKenzie stands at the forefront of the next generation of horror writers.” – Bentley Little

“Shane, how do you sleep at night?” – Jack Ketchum

“Pure, stone-cold evil; stomach-prolapsing scatology; and treatments of extreme sex and soul-chilling violence are just a few of the elements of hardcore horror that McKenzie has mastered. Some of his material could make pure-blood sociopaths cry for their mommies and run home sucking their thumbs. McKenzie’s prose strikes like a sledge-hammer to the belly and a baseball bat to the crotch. He writes one-hundred-percent BALLS TO THE WALL, and I’m certain his name will soon rank high on the short list of effective extreme-horror authors. Now I wish there were some way I could rinse my brain with Listerine!” – Edward Lee

“Shane McKenzie has a wonderful grasp of the dark and terrible. He truly understands what terrifies us and his love for the horrific comes through in every ghastly sentence he composes.” – Wrath James White


Shane McKenzie is the new guy on the extreme horror scene, and even newer to Bizarro. He gets off on making his readers squirm, gasp, and puke into their mouths. If you see him in person, he’ll probably eat nasty shit in front of a crowd. Nobody knows why. He is the author of multiple horror books, including All You Can Eat from Deadite Press. He is co-owner and editor at Sinister Grin Press. Also, he is going to fucking kill you.


All You Can Eat


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