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Ray Fracalossy

Author of the deliciously absurd novel “Tales from the Vinegar Wasteland” … a modern day Alice in Wonderland for grown-ups.

“Wow…this is fucking rad…who is this writer…?” – kurt k. heasley, fountainhead of acid rock legends LILYS

“…Ray Fracalossy’s work has an absurdist core reminiscent of the old school…(and) a decidedly modern heart…” – Kevin L. Donihe

“He possesses something rarely found in art today, a unique voice. ” – Polycarp Kusch


RAY FRACALOSSY is a modern day absurdist and lover of the bizarre. Paradox, twisted plotlines, and utmost confusion are all commonplace in his work. There is the real (which couldn’t possibly be real), the unreal (which is perhaps too real to bear), and even some things that you certainly hope aren’t real.

Ray holds no degrees in writing (his fingers cramp, making gripping such documents difficult), and wishes he had more time to read. He used to play in a paisley underground band called Lord John, who released one L.P. on Bomp Records back in ’86. He also played in a lo-fi psych band called The Narc Twins.

Born in New Jersey, a virtual mecca of the Absurd, he lives with his wife and son, and enjoys spending his free time with them, finding it gives him that warm fuzzy feeling without any of the messy over-the-counter side effects. He is currently working on a children’s book, because someone has to open up and mess with their little minds.