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Patrick Wensink

“Deliciously dark and funny…” –Louisville Courier-Journal

“Palahniukian style with the kind of twisted humor you can normally only find on Adult Swim” –LEO Weekly

“Patrick Wensink, you smell fantastic.” – Patrick Wensink, Author of Black Hole Blues and Sex Dungeon for Sale!

patrick wensink


Patrick Wensink’s work mixes dark humor, clipped-to-the-bone prose and way too many imaginary musicians. His first novel, Black Hole Blues, treads the time-honored literary traditions of books about country music, black holes and Kenny Rogers needing an ass whoopin’. His short story collection, Sex Dungeon for Sale!, features kindergarteners who think they’re French, optimistic realtors selling sexual playgrounds and the life of James Brown’s cape collection.

Wensink has done a lot of things he is not proud of. But he’s also done some pretty interesting stuff. Over the years he has bottled and sold his own line of Wentastic BBQ Sauce, got married in a doughnut shop and even found time to join an improv comedy troupe. He also writes copy for the absurdist humor/coupon huckster site, Groupon. He lives in Louisville, KY.

His next book, Broken Piano for President, is about a man who is more productive drunk than sober.

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He’s been hatin’ on Kenny Rogers so long, it looks like up to him.