The cult section of the literary world

Michael Allen Rose

A strange mixture of dark sketch comedy, existential weirdness, and heart.

Michael Allen Rose banner

“Rose is about taking strange and sometimes ridiculous chances and somehow looking good while doing it.” – Eric Hendrixson, author of Bucket of Face

“Michael Allen Rose saunters into a bar, hips swaying, face smirking, funny hat on his head. He sits with you and starts telling you a story about party wolves, living in a blind guy’s head, and there’s a girl and they’re all on a road trip across America chasing after a pair of eyeballs and being chased by a dickhead walrus…. and it’s then that you realize that you are more stoned than you’ve ever been in your life and the cackling maniac telling you this trippy story might also be cunning as a shiv.” – David Barbee, author of A Town Called Suckhole

“Anthropoid cartoon. Emergency lounge singer. Michael Allen Rose offers no apologies for Nickelodeon and rock and roll. A one man vaudeville cast of You Can’t Do That in Literature. Physician, Slime Thyself.” – Garrett Cook, author of Jimmy Plush, Teddy Bear Detective


Michael Allen Rose is an author, musician, performance artist and general man about town that fell in love with the bizarro community from deep in the heart of Chicago. His debut novella “Party Wolves in My Skull” demonstrates the sort of heart and weirdness that lies at the core of most of his stories. Rose tends to write in a style that would best be described as “cartoons for adults” mixed with existentialist philosophy and a dash of black humor with a pinch of horror.

He also makes industrial music under the name Flood Damage, and produces shows (often involving him being naked) as RoShamBo Theatre. Nudity seems to be a theme with Rose, as he’s well known at Bizarro Con for losing his pants at every available opportunity. Often spotted in a bathrobe, rumor has it that he’s actually robes all the way down. To date nobody has had the courage to find out.

Michael has always been an object of fascination for cats, children, the mentally ill and the insane. To gain insight into why people seem to think he’s amusing, he went through the famed Second City Conservatory in Chicago and fine tuned his sense of humor and improvisation there. His latest method of reading short stories in public involves beautiful women setting his paper on fire as he reads it, and the occasional use of a staple gun. He also writes articles for BDSM websites on the proper use of floggers, and claims to know the secret to making the best homemade macaroni and cheese in the universe.




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