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Kevin L. Donihe

The bizarro writer’s bizarro writer.


“…one of bizarro’s most notoriously original and entertaining writers.” – MICHAEL ARNZEN, author of 100 Jolts

“Kevin L. Donihe is brilliant. One of the most creative, most original authors out there, Donihe is in my top five list of sure things. When I need a little surrealism, a little thought to my scare and tear, it’s him I sprint to.” – HORROR WEB

“Kevin Donihe? Yeah. That boy has problems.” – Nick Mamatas, author of Move Under Ground

“Who opened the gates and set free this slouching beast (on the proverbial march to Bethlehem, of course) called Kevin Donihe?” – Michael Hemmingson, editor of What the Fuck


KEVIN L DONIHE often writes about things that explode or come apart in big and/or freakish ways. His unique voice is both hilariously surreal and delightfully deranged, with subtle hints of social commentary and more than a pinch of the macabre. Walruses, circus midgets, horny pirates, fine cheeses, and mobs of businessmen who kill or rape everything that gets in their way for no apparent reason often appear in his work. Open just one of his books and an aura of Kevin L. Donihe’s agape love will kevitate out of the pages and into your heart.

Hailing from Appalachia, Kevin possesses gentlemanly manners and does not eat chimpanzees. His fiction and poetry has appeared in The Mammoth Book of Legal Thrillers, Flesh and Blood, ChiZine, Dark Discoveries, and the bizarro publications Cafe Irreal, Sick: an Anthology of Illness, Tempting Disaster, and Bust Down The Door and Eat All the Chickens, among others.

He is the editor of the New Bizarro Author Series.