The cult section of the literary world

Justin Grimbol

Sleazy delinquent Bizarro that doesn’t wear underpants. When it bends over, 90% of its butt crack sticks out, making you think DAMN THAT’S A LOT OF BIZARRO!

Justin banner

“Really funny and really trashy. Kind of reminded me of One Crazy Summer with elements of Harmony Korine’s Gummo and 80s junk culture. Also, the author photo in the back might be one of the greatest I’ve seen.” – Andersen Prunty, author of Slag Attack and Morning is Dead

“Ballsy.” – David W. Barbee, author of A Town Called Suckhole


Justin Grimbol moves around a lot. He was raised by two ministers in the Hamptons (New York City’s colostomy bag).

His Bizarro is campy, sleazy, and rowdy as hell. At the same time, it is sappy and warm. He writes stories about monsters, juvenile delinquents, ninjas, gigantic bubble baths, big butts, boobs that shoot lasers, jizz, stick figure porn, and boogers.

He also writes poetry.

He used to run a youth center. One of these youths got a hold of his book, THE CRUD MASTERS. He has this to say about the experience: “Reading Justin Grimbol is comparable to losing your virginity for the first time. It feels so awkward but it also feels amazing. The Crud Masters is an awkward tale with sea monsters, and bears with boobs. At the same time it is a story of friendship.” – Justin Reilly.




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