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Garrett Cook

“Garrett Cook’s work has an edge…and it’s directly at your throat”-Robert Dunbar, author of The Shore and Martyrs and Monsters

“Definitely a serious talent””- Mort Castle, editor of On Writing Horror, author of The Strangers

“Action! Explosions! Hot broads! Garrett Cook is two fisted Bizarro pulp. I love his stories!”- Jeff Burk, author of Shatnerquake

“Garrett Cook and Jimmy Plush ain’t fluff. Raw and uncut, dealin’ out death to the offensive, they preach sledgehammer when they drop hardcore in hardboiled. — Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. author of SIN & ashes



Edgar Rice Burroughs changed conceptions of heroism forever when he introduced the world to his pulp hero, Tarzan of the apes, a merciless but well intentioned noble savage that combated injustice in all its forms. William Burroughs changed conceptions of narrativity with his cutup technique and tested the limits of our imagination and our stomachs with the cruel, surreal landscape of Naked Lunch. The works of Garrett Cook seek to bring together Burroughs and Burroughs, Vonnegut and Stan Lee, Dante and Fritz Lang. It’s called Chainsaw Noir and if you dig gore, grit and magic too black to see, you’ll dig it.

Long shadows inside and out, short lives, sharp blades, hot lead, strange costumes, wicked gods, puzzling mass hysteria, cities made of anguish. The chainsaw cuts through the boundaries between terror and laughter, slices the strings that keep time and space in place, shreds through the space between reader and text, rips open heads and lets everything flow out, cuts the cord between divinity and filth. Comic books, mythology, pulp, slasher flicks, unlikely bits and pieces everywhere.

Pulp plot, literary style, silent movie atmosphere, grindhouse grue. When Garrett Cook picks up the pieces, he molds them into worlds like no other.

Garrett Cook resides in the Northwest suburbs of Illinois, but someday will not.