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Forrest Armstrong

The hip hop lovechild of William Burroughs and Dali…

“Deft, vivid prose… I believe that Forrest Armstrong is the real deal. His talent for language is something to get excited about.”–J. DAVID OSBORNE, author of By the Time We Leave Here, We’ll Be Friends

“There aren’t many writers, apart from Milton and Dante, who have such energy and invention, and ease of execution. Forrest Armstrong has vast talent.” –TOM BRADLEY, author of Lemur and Fission Among the Fanatics

“[F]asten your irreality-belt and get ready for a never-before mind-space voyage!”–The Small Press Review

“Thirty years have passed since I read The Ticket that Exploded, but I think I’ve finally found a writer with the skill to cut Dr. Benway’s rusty surgical blade through the next leg of the run through the nightmarish urban jungle: Forrest Armstrong. His serrated language drips with blood.”–The Journal of Experimental Fiction

“An impressive, mind-altering force… Armstrong resuscitates the reader’s amputated interest in contemporary literature, slapping apathy from our eyes.”– JOHN EDWARD LAWSON, author of Discouraging at Best



Forrest Armstrong is a bizarro writer from Boston. His books are urban poem machines that beatmatch technology-paranoia with psilocybin-drenched surrealistic nonsense and everyone keeps feeling like they’re dreaming when they read them. He is usually dreaming, even when awake. He basically lives off of Cocoa Pebbles and if you ask him right now the prettiest thing he can imagine is if you cracked open a chestnut, egg or a lemon and a bluebird flew out.

Forrest began his career with the Wonderland Award-nominated This City is Alive in 2007, an art-novella made in collaboration with Jase Daniels (who is still a homie and does all the mixtape art for Forrest’s hip hop alter-ego, Gasoline Monk). His newest book, The Deadheart Shelters, came out through Swallowdown Press in 2010 and was praised by Carlton Mellick III as “the literary equivalent of an Alejandro Jodorowsky film.”

It is rumored that Forrest has broken into the King Cobra manufacturing plant and taken up residence there. That sounds fucking beautiful. Others say he is living at a castle in Denmark studying synthesizers with a one-armed man whose name in Danish means “boy scout robot.” One of these statements is true.

Much of Forrest’s output lately has been Gas Monk music, but there is a kind of music he makes with words that he can’t make without them, and he plans to release something new in 2012, twenty-four hours before the planet is destroyed by meteors, ice reptiles and spaceships. Some people think that Forrest is from Neptune, but he’s 100% from Boston, as can be confirmed by any and all legal documents involving FORREST ARMSTRONG.