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Eric Hendrixson

Writer of Bizarro Noir and Batcave Gonzo stories of despair-based humor and romantic absurdism.

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“Hendrixson is saying something, but I have no idea what the heck it is.” – Caris O’Malley, author of The Egg Said Nothing

“Eric Hendrixson is a Smooth Criminal.” – Steve Lowe, author of Muscle Memory

“Eric Hendrixson is SUCH a good writer that he never loses you.” – Vince Kramer, author of Gigantic Death Worm

“Hendrixson does not show a single iota of worthlessness. His prose is quick, snappy and quirky.” – Steve Shroyer

“The author has one of the most glorious beards known to the modern world.” – Eric Mays, author of Naked Metamorphosis and Karaoke Death Squad


Eric Hendrixson was born a military brat overseas. He has lived in England, Texas, Spain, Texas, Iowa, Texas, and Virginia. Attending two kindergartens, two elementary schools, five junior high schools (one twice), two high schools, and two colleges, he learned that most realities are hypothetical and are merely intended as suggestions. His first job, in musical theater, confirmed that lesson.

After getting an M.A. from George Mason University, he taught English for five years. He has worked in the fields of theater, food service, bartending, education, court reporting, government contracting, writing, and editing.

He currently works in and around Washington D.C., and lives, writes, and plays the occasional round of disc golf in Northern Virginia. His writing has appeared primarily in periodicals you have never heard of, and he’s been rejected by all the periodicals you have heard of.  His most recent rejections were from Pedestal and Modern Drunkard Magazine.


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