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Carlton Mellick III

One of Bizarro’s most prolific and successful authors with over 30 books in print.

“Easily the craziest, weirdest, strangest, funniest, most obscene writer in America.” – GOTHIC MAGAZINE

“Carlton Mellick III has the craziest book titles… and the kinkiest fans!” – CHRISTOPHER MOORE, author of The Stupidest Angel

“Carlton Mellick III is one of bizarro fiction’s most talented practitioners, a virtuoso of the surreal, science fictional tale.” – CORY DOCTOROW, author of Little Brother

“Bizarre, twisted, and emotionally raw–Carlton Mellick’s fiction is the literary equivalent of putting your brain in a blender.” – BRIAN KEENE, author of The Rising and Urban Gothic

“Carlton Melick III exemplifies the intelligence and wit that lurks between its lurid covers. In a genre where crude titles are an art in themselves, Mellick is a true artist.” – THE GUARDIAN

“Just as Pop had Andy Warhol and Dada Tristan Tzara, the Bizarro movement has its very own P. T. Barnum-type practitioner. He’s the mutton-chopped author of such books as Electric Jesus Corpse and The Menstruating Mall, the illustrator, editor, and instructor of all things Bizarro, and his name is Carlton Mellick III.” – DETAILS MAGAZINE

“If you like satires which are highly imaginative, subversive, gory, funny as hell and completely surreal CM3 may be your literary messiah.” – RICARDO GONZALEZ DEL VALLE

“CM3 is the most imaginative writer since Lethem and Vonnegut. Different, and absolutely thought provoking…” —Daniel McCreary

“Mellick is smarter than the dumbness he tries to coat his writing in; you feel like you’re reading a comic or watching MTV – but underneath there is something deeper and smarter than the cartoonish presentation before your eyes.” —Euchrid



CARLTON MELLICK III writes trashy squishy child-like novels set in surreal fantasy versions of consumer America, with an emphasis on nightmarish absurdities, punk perversions, and social satire. In only a few short years, his surreal counterculture novels have drawn an international cult following despite the fact that they have been shunned by most libraries and corporate bookstores. Though frequently compared to David Lynch, Kurt Vonnegut, and even South Park, CM3 is unlike anyone you’ve experienced before.

His influences range from offbeat children’s book authors such as Dr. Suess and Roald Dahl to Japanese cult directors such as Takashi Miike and Shinya Tsukamoto to trashy B-movies such as those from Troma and John Waters.

CM3’s short stories have been published in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror 16, Vice Magazine, Perverted by Language: Fiction Inspired by the Fall, and Falling From the Sky, Zombies: Encounters with the Hungry Dead, among others.

He lives in Portland, OR, where he manages an eyebrow farm.



Books by Carlton Mellick III are released on a regular quarterly basis.
Look for new releases every January, April, July, and October.