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Caris O’Malley

Equal parts John Hughes and Evil Dead 2.

Caris O'Malley banner

“Caris O’Malley has the potential to be his generation’s Steve Lowe; a staggering, slightly misguided, somewhat overly tall, borderline human, but nonetheless undeniable talent!” – Steve Lowe, author of King of the Perverts

“This book [The Egg Said Nothing]  shows O’Malley has a fine sense of the odd, a clever but snarky mindset and a masterful hand at plot…” – Anita Dalton, I Read Odd Books

“Caris takes on topics of self-hatred, self-imprisonment and self-sabotage in a hilariously literal way. The dialogue is crisp and convincing, the prose is efficient and clear. A compelling tale, well-told and constantly surprising, but gruesome and (spoiler alert!) sad.” – Mykle Hansen, author of HELP! A Bear is Eating Me!

“My grandmother can never know you wrote that book.” – Kristin O’Malley, wife of the author


Caris O’Malley writes dark, speculative fiction that focuses on interpersonal relationships, feelings of isolation, and rips in the spacetime continuum. His minimalist prose style and penchant for gratuitous violence leaves readers slack-jawed, drooling, and more satisfied than a businessman after a trip to a shady massage parlor.

During the day, Caris is the hippest librarian you’ve ever met. He lives with his wife and two daughters in Phoenix, AZ.


The Egg Said Nothing


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