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Bradley Sands

Writer of fiction that can only be described as a psychedelic matrix of absurdity. Transgressive, comedic, and crazy as hell.

“Sands is a talented, fearsome, comic visionary who will usher you into the psychedelic matrix of futurity.” – D. Harlan Wilson

“[Sands is] more unstable than I am…[He should] just beware those big brawny guys with the net. They’re faster than they look.” – Kris Saknussemm, author of ZANESVILLE

“Reading the work of Bradley Sands caused me to vomit happiness and sunshine from my eyeballs. Highly recommended.” – Kevin L Donihe

“Words cannot express what Bradley Sands can do with words.” – Mykle Hansen

“There’s a place past all reason, most possibility, and all the jokes I can think of. A place shaped kind of like the human heart. Bradley Sands doesn’t write about this place, but he writes from it, pushing farther into the unguessable with each word, each scene.” – Stephen Graham Jones

bradley sands


BRADLEY SANDS writes absurdist comedies that demolish the walls of reality.

After attempting to steal all the spare change in a shopping mall’s fountain by hot-wiring the sports car being displayed in the mall lobby and crashing it into the water, Bradley tested the claim that putting a thumbtack in a escalator’s handrail turns it into stairs and embarrassed the pursuing security guards to such an extent that they were neither able to continue shouting menacingly nor have legs that functioned properly. Little did Bradley know, the escalator was an experimental model designed to tie a rider’s shoelaces seconds before they were caught in the track and experienced a messy horror movie death. And that the fiendish escalator manufacturing horde had rushed the units in without first properly testing them. And that the thrust of the tack would cause a series of mysterious circumstances that most likely had something to do with radiation, endowing Bradley with the power to have people do the opposite of everything that he says. His new era of greatness began with telling mall security not to hurt him.

He is the editor of the bizarro journal “Bust Down the Door and Eat all the Chickens.”