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Andre Duza

Author of horrific, bizarre, smart, funny, fast-paced fiction. For bizarro fans who also like zombie apocalyptic epics and lush, finely-detailed prose.

“His prose hits like a fist full of razor blades.” – Brian Keene

“Quite possibly the most underrated new author on the scene today.” – Horror Fiction Review

“He’s not going to be afraid to take risks. Count on him for ideas to make you think and images to disturb your sleep.” – Thomas F. Monteleone


ANDRE DUZA’s books can be summed up with one word: hardcore. The horror elements are hardcore, the surreal elements are hardcore, the characters are hardcore, the whole attitude is hardcore. This is some sick stuff, yet his fiction is beautifully written, interwoven with a tapestry of voluptuous prose, dark humor, political commentary, and vivid imagination. Perfect for fans of complex, unconventional dark fiction of epic proportions.

His short stories have been published in Undead, Chainsaw Magazine, his chapbook Dead Bitch Army: The Early Years, and he has a novelette, “Don’t F(bleep)k with the Coloureds,” in The Bizarro Starter Kit (Orange). A graphic novel adaption of “Dead Bitch Army” is also in the works.

Andre was born and raised in the ass end of Philadelphia, PA. He’s an avid bodybuilder and Certified (junior-master level) Instructor of Spirit Fist Kung Fu. He’s also studied Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, Chinese Kempo, and Street-fighting.