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Chris Genoa

Oddball humorist and author of one of bizarro’s top selling novels, “Foop!” Genoa is often compared to Christopher Moore, but with added insane weirdness.

“A surreal pie in the face.” – Christopher Moore

“Chris Genoa is one of our authentic literary lunatics…” – James Marrow

“..a new, innovative, clever author with a thrilling amount of potential: when he’s good, he’s so good that no one can touch him.” – Reflection’s Edge

chris genoa


CHRIS GENOA’s writing has been described as “the literary equivalent of a circus freakshow” and “oddly addictive, darkly entertaining, and just plain hilarious.” Full of cartoonish characters and social satire, Genoa’s fiction is like Douglas Adams, Kurt Vonnegut, and Samuel Beckett teaming up to create a rude animated adult comedy such as South Park or Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Genoa was born and raised in Philadelphia. He studied English Literature and Chemistry at the College of William & Mary and King’s College London, and Film Production at the University of New Orleans. At the tender age of 24, he made a very short film about marshmallow peeps coming to life and killing people. In 2003, his science-fiction comedy “Foop!” won the Eraserhead Press First Book Contest, and went on to be a great success. His second novel is the hi-fi (historical fiction) comedy, “Lick Your Neighbor: A Novel of America.”

He lives in Brooklyn and is represented by Ginger Clark at Curtis Brown, LTD.