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Jason Wuchenich

Ren and Stimpy episodes as written by GG Allin under the guidance of Lord Byron.

“Wow…what a vivid writer. Unique, provocative, and spontaneous.” – Ed Lee, author of THE HAUNTER OF THE THRESHOLD

“A truly nasty piece of work! Twisted fun from Bizarro’s new kid on the block…” – Wayne Simmons, author of DROP DEAD GORGEOUS

“Jason Wuchenich hasn’t just hit the scene; he’s splattered it with rainbow vomit.” – Matthew Revert, author of A MILLION VERSIONS OF RIGHT

“Wuchenich has an excessive approach to “gross out” that it becomes pornographic, in a great way.” – Christy Leigh Stewart, author of LOATH LETTERS

“Wuchenich’s vicarious writing style is like no other. Brilliant and insane! A writer to watch!” – Chuck Hodi


Jason Wuchenich is a fearless writer who teeters on the Bizarro/Subversive Fiction genres. His stories often have an underlying social commentary built beneath over-the-top filth. He exercises extremes in blending perverse gore and absurd humor. Nick Cato, of the Horror Fiction Review, believes his story “The Stinky Incubus” will “…probably rank in the top 5 at the next World Horror Convention ‘gross-out’ contest.” We shall soon see come May of 2011.

‘Wookie’ as he is known to most, stands a gangly 6’4” and lives in Sacramento, CA with his wife and soon-to-be baby Wookie. Jason has a degree in graphic design and works as Director of Operations for a marketing agency. He like death/black/extreme/heavy metal, some say too much. Motorhead is his favorite band of all time.

Inspirations come from equal parts Wrath James White & Ed Lee, the works of his wonderful contemporaries, the human condition, history, society, wack-o movies, nuts music, design, booze, lucid dreams, facial hair.