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Wonderland Book Awards – Final Ballot 2018

Preliminary voting has ended and the final ballot has been determined. Here are the nominations for this year’s Wonderland Book Awards:



The Unyielding by Gary J. Shipley

In the River by Jeremy Robert Johnson

Itzá by Rios de la Luz

The Big Meat by Carlton Mellick III

Sip by Brian Allen Carr



Angel Meat by Laura Lee Bahr

Moon Snake by Kirsten Alene

Now That We’re Alone by Nicholas Day

Is Winona Ryder Still with the Dude from Soul Asylum and Other Lurid Tales of Terror and Doom by Douglas Hackle

The Anarchist Kosher Cookbook by Maxwell Bauman


We’d like to give honorable mentions to the titles that came close to placing on the final ballot. These titles are: Deadly Lazer Explodathon by Vince Kramer, Spermjackers From Hell by Christine Morgan, The Long Night of the Eternal Korean War by G. Arthur Brown, Embry Hard-boiled by Michael Allen Rose, and Slices by Scott Cole.

Voting ends December 31st. Only BizarroCon attendees are eligible to vote. Send your votes (one per category) to

The Wonderland Book Awards for excellence in Bizarro Fiction are presented annually at BizarroCon in Portland, OR.

To register for BizarroCon 2018 please visit



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