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Bizarro Cinema at the 2016 Fantasia International Film Festival

The Fantasia International Film Festival is in full swing, and this week is of particular interest in bizarro world. Mixed in with the deluge of movies and short films on the Festival schedule are some short films based on the work of authors we know and admire. If you are attending this year’s Fantasia Film Fest, make sure you check out these films and support everyone who worked so hard to bring these weird visions to life.


First is “THE ELVIS ROOM,” a scary short film based on a Stephen Graham Jones story by the same name. That film is actually scheduled for tonight (7/25), and on Saturday (7/30), we get a short film just as scary and perhaps even weirder: “WHEN SUSURRUS STIRS,” based on the short story by Portland’s own Jeremy Robert Johnson. This is one of Johnson’s sickest stories and will surely make the audience squirm in their seats. Here’s the teaser trailer to give you a taste of the squirmness.

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