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Twisted Tuesdays: Bizarro Photoblast!

Which pictures speak to you? What do they say?

1470056_666294343423416_1109043262_n 813926139 1382842676764 1382857042305 1388790334240 1388827938902 anatomy bagged fireside giant man girl beast GZraHwo kids wtf kiss nick cage dopple thumbs_patrick_tang_13 tumblr_lrhrzumWCb1qawuaao1_500 tumblr_msar0paZET1rs5duio1_500  tumblr_mt88tdPmaH1sicx4ao1_400tumblr_mt867s0U3c1s2un0xo1_500


One response

  1. One of my favorite Twisted Tuesdays yet! Thank you Tracy.

    January 14, 2014 at 5:12 pm

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