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Twisted Tuesday: Raining Animals & Blood


It’s sort of monsoon season in Thailand right now…it’s not supposed to be monsoon season but the weather has been off. It’s super hot and sunny during the day and then thunder and heavy storms during the night. It hasn’t rained animals yet though…that I know of. I’ll ask a Thai person, they tend to know things I don’t…

Reports of animal rain have popped up all over the world and most of the reports (according to my hour of google researching) are in fact real. In Yoro, Honduras, it rains fish every year so they have a fish rain festival to celebrate.  In Beebe, Arkansas, 3,000 blackbirds mysteriously fell from the sky on New Year’s Eve. In Oakville, Washington, it rained jellyfish, TWICE! In Japan, raining tadpoles is commonplace. There is a scientific explanation of course but that still doesn’t prevent people’s imaginations from running rampant when worms fall from the sky.

In India, there are reports of blood rain and this guy thinks it’s because of aliens:

Now I want to watch that episode of the X-Files.

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