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Leather to the Corinthians: A Book Review

Leather to the Corinthians by Tom Lucas

Gather round all you tattooed, lost soul wandering, Wi-Fi/Lo-Fi mutants! Come! Come listen to the hypnotic beat of my drum! Join me on trip to the Village, a strange and surreal place, where an epic battle will determine the fate of the human race! The GENERAL is determined to win this war as the insane clown insurgent wants to settle a score! He’s got a bone to pick with his nemesis the KING, the mad ruler of the Village who only cares about celebrity status and bling! You’ll meet a young SOLDIER, who fights to survive the melee, losing his humanity along the way!

At the root of this evil is the sinister SELL INC., whose CEO’s implants light up when he blinks! Then there’s poor PETER, the dull corporate drone who only wished to be left alone. His boss sends him on a mission to shut the Limp Pigeon down, what a pity since it’s the only good sex club in town. But alas! Good news! The pigeon is set free, when Peter discovers a vixen of virtual reality–not to mention the fulfillment of a very special fantasy!
Folks, I know you that you must be feeling the stress, of this big post-apocalyptic mess, but no worries as you’ll cruise with SCRATCH MICROPHONE, who’ll make sure to get you out of the danger zone. Just take a pill and you’ll chill with his mellow vibe as he leads the good people of his DODGE TRIBE.

Now, if you stay faithful through this crazy crusade, then you’ll earn FR. EVERHARD’s eternal praise, and that’s a slam dunk in the eyes of the BIG RED J! Hey, why not become an Official Sidekick today?
Friends, I know you may be feeling that life is a curse, but listen up–it could always be worse!

Your Gratitude Should Really Begin Now.

Culturally relevant, this book starts off with a kick. Lucas holds nothing back in this zany spin on consumerism and the chaos of cultural backstabbing. The characters are unreal and the plot is thought-out. The bizarre twists and turns leave for a strange read. I will be honest in saying that I didn’t really understand where the book was going when I first picked it up. I think the reason why I was a little lost at first is what makes this book bizarro. It has just too many damn ideas floating around within the pages. But it’s this flood of ideas that cause it to remain weird as the plot unfolds. There were times when, after grasping the work, I became confused again. Pushing past this, I was glad I finished the book. It was irritating at times, but… if you want to see corporate chaos in a bizarro setting, much like Broken Piano for President by Patrick Wensink, then pick this book up!

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  1. Hamtramck Block

    I hung around Lucas for some time in my early adult years in Hamtramck and at Wayne State University in Detroit. Folks … the influence of his days in the D and Hamtown should be enough to put you inside his mind. Buy the book and get a glimpse!

    November 14, 2013 at 6:38 am

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