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World Horror Cinema: Sweden

By Sam Reeve

evil ed posterTitle: Evil Ed

Year: 1997

Language: English and Swedish

My rating: 8/10

The Swedes haven’t produced many horror movies, but when they do, they do it right. Evil Ed is a horror comedy that pokes fun at the splatter genre (as well as censorship) and doesn’t take things too seriously. It’s funny, cheesy, and wonderfully executed.

Fun fact: despite being filmed in English with Swedish actors, their voices were dubbed over by American actors for comical reasons.

Edward, a meek film cutter who previously enjoyed his work, is transferred to the “splatter and gore” department. The company wants to distribute a series of films called “Loose Limbs” to the European market, but must censor some of the violence. The graphic violence and horror of the movies get to Ed’s head, and he starts having visions and acting stranger each day.

I urge you to watch the film’s opening scene. It’s one of the best things ever and introduces you to Ed’s asshole boss.


Evil Ed is flawless if you like bad movies and have a sense or humour. Plenty of people don’t like it, but they’re butt heads who lack the aforementioned qualities. The dialogue is probably the funniest, and there are some pretty memorable lines. “Where’s my beaver-rape scene!?” will forever be floating around in your head, making you chuckle.


If Army of Darkness if on your list of favourites, you’ll fancy Evil Ed something fierce. You can watch the full movie below on Youtube.

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