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World Horror Cinema: Indonesia

By Sam Reeve

mystics in bali posterTitle: Mystics in Bali

Year: 1981

Language: Indonesian

My rating: 6/10

You can’t say you’re a horror aficionado without having seen Mystics in Bali, one of Indonesia’s weirdest exports. It was originally banned in its home country for featuring so much black magic, but has gained a cult following worldwide for its cheesy special effects and acting. Oh, and it’s bizarre as hell, like think floating heads and pig monsters with boobs.

Cathy, an American woman, travels to Indonesia to learn about black magic for a book she’s writing. Her new lover, Mahendra, introduces her to a Léak witch, who then offers to teach Cathy her wicked ways. Of course the old witch has her own motives for taking on the young pupil, and soon it’s too late for Mahendra to save Cathy, whose floating head is set upon the locals to eat their babies.

mystics in bali

Sounds ridiculous? That’s because it is! The witch and the girl transform into pigs multiple times, but during one fight scene the transformation doesn’t finish with a cute real-life pig, but a hideous pig monster with floppy tits. It was awesome! Top that off with hilarious green screen effects, and you’ve got yourself a fun show.

The plot was at times confusing, but otherwise enjoyable because of the aforementioned insanity. The worst thing about it was probably the witch’s cackling, which took up the majority of the dialogue (no joke).

mystics in bali 2 mystics in bali 3There you have it folks! This is a must-see film for Bizarros and horror buffs alike, so why don’t you take a peak at the clip below of the first lady-pig transformation. I promise it’ll make you laugh. At the bottom you’ll find the full movie, dubbed in English.

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