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Dilation Exercise 88

In an effort to promote my new novel, The Door That Faced West, due for release in February 2014 from Lazy Fascist Press, I created the Dilation Exercise below based on the story. The novel is inspired by the earliest known American serial killers, the Harpe brothers, Wiley and Micajah, and the three wives they shared. Comments are welcome, but please do not expand on this storyline.

After what the Harpes had done to him, Sadie hadn’t expected to ever again see the man who tried to molest her.

But here Mose was, tangled in her drift line at the bottom of the river, turning slowly in the current as if dancing an ominous and wicked jig.

—Alan M. Clark
Eugene, Oregon

If you like Alan M. Clark’s artwork, please try his writing in both short fiction and novels.

Artwork: “Wicked Jig” copyright © 2013 Alan M. Clark. Interior illustration for The Door that Faced West (The artwork will appear in black and white in the paperback book)

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