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World Horror Cinema: United Kingdom

By Sam Reeve

Deathwatch_filmTitle: Deathwatch

Year: 2002

Language: English, with some German and French

My rating: 9/10

When I saw Andy Serkis’ name attached to Deathwatch, coupled with my love of WWI movies, I just had to see it. I wasn’t disappointed, and this has been my favourite movie from World Horror Cinema (so far). It hasn’t been reviewed well by a lot of people, but screw them. I loved it!

Set in 1917 on the Western Front, a group of British soldiers end up in what’s basically the Bermuda Triangle of trenches. They decide to stay and hold the German trench while waiting for reinforcements that never come. Things get spookier and more out of control as they realise that something wicked lives there. Half of the horror of the movie really comes from the disgusting quality of life soldiers dealt with on the Western Front, and even without the evil presence this would’ve been a disturbing film. That being said, there were some pretty creepy scenes and a couple jumpy parts.

With the maze-like trenches dripping mud and littered with dead bodies, and the ever-present threat of Germans coming along to make things messier, it was really the best setting for a horror film that I’ve seen in a long time. The scares weren’t constant, but the great acting, set and special effects were, so it was an entertaining movie all the way through. Andy Serkis (who played Golem in Peter Jackson’s Tolkien adaptations) was a particularly insane and fierce character, and almost as bad as the ghost.

Deathwatch-2002-mud-corpseIf you’re into war movies at all and also enjoy horror, I recommend checking this one out. Below is one of the better trailers that doesn’t give away every good bit, and underneath you’ll find the full movie with optional Spanish subtitles. Enjoy!

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