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The Tea House: It’s Getting Hot in Here

By Spike Marlowe

Today is brought to you by a pumpkin latte.


It’s October. Finally!

If there’s one month I love more than November (BizarroCon!), it’s October. Why? Well, to start with, I love fall, and to end with, I love Halloween. I don’t expect this is something I need to explain to you crazy kids. I expect loving October, fall, and Halloween is something we probably have in common.

Since it’s the first week of October, I thought we’d celebrate with a fun exercise.

Below are some holiday-themed images. Your job? Make some sexy art based on one or several of the pictures below. And when I say sexy, I mean make something SEXY.

Post your art in the comments. Let’s see how hot we can get.

teahouse1 teahouse2 teahouse3 teahouse4 teahouse5 teahouse6
Spike Marlowe has held a number of odd jobs, including working as a detective, a Bigfoot researcher, a writer for an internet content farm, a busker and as a performer in a wild west show. These days she’s a writer, blogger and bizarro editor for Eraserhead Press, with a focus on the New Bizarro Author Series. Her first book, Placenta of Love, is available at all the usual locations. You can stalk her online at her website or on Twitter at @spikemarlowe.

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