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World Horror Cinema: Australia

By Sam Reeve

razorback posterTitle: Razorback

Year: 1984

Language: English

My rating: 7/10

We’ve globetrotted again, and today we’re hanging out in the land down under. Australia’s Razorback is a classic 80s movie about a rhino-sized wild hog that terrorizes some folks in the outback. As far as porcine action goes, it’s pretty brutal, though some of the local yokels in this tale make just as frightening antagonists as the beast.

The film opens with the eponymous pig crashing through an old man’s house, killing his grandson and burning the place down. The old man is tried for “murdering” the boy, since no one believes an animal could be so big or vicious, but he’s acquitted due to a lack of evidence. Of course the old man never forgets the animal, and has been hunting it ever since.

Later we see an American TV reporter visiting the area to investigate the kangaroo hunting trade, but she, too, falls prey to the razorback. The rest of the movie is the woman’s American husband traipsing around the outback (and having a terrible go at it), trying to find out what happened. He teams up with the old man and a lovely young farmgirl. Does he face down the creature and human foes? You bet. Was it awesome? Mostly, but I think it all could’ve been more epic than it was.

razorbackSome personal highlights from the film:

  • Bulldozer-like hog goring a bunch of folks
  • Outback rednecks riding camels
  • American hero cuddles a slain kangaroo in the desert to keep warm

Need I say more?

Below is the opening scene I mentioned earlier, which really gives a taste for the awesome cheese level of the movie and introduces our tusked star. Underneath the clip you’ll find the entire movie on Youtube. Enjoy!

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