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The Tea House: Rocking It As a Professional IV

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I’d been thinking about all the different topics I could cover here in terms of rocking it as a professional artist when it occurred to me that Neil Gaiman had actually covered many of these topics in the commencement address he gave in 2012.

Whether you’ve seen it before or not, if you plan to be a working artist, I encourage you to watch it now:

This deserves to be viewed again and again.

There is one caveat I would make to this address. Mr. Gaiman states a freelance artist only needs to have two of the three following qualities: the discipline to work to deadline, the ability to be easy to work with, or consistently capable of producing quality art. Though I have found Mr. Gaiman’s observations to generally be true, I would argue that to be truly remarkable and have regular work, it’s smart to embrace all three qualities. A lot of people will be working on hitting two out of these three–imagine what might happen if you’re one of the few who exemplifies each of them.
Spike Marlowe has held a number of odd jobs, including working as a detective, a Bigfoot researcher, a writer for an internet content farm, a busker and as a performer in a wild west show. These days she’s a writer, blogger and bizarro editor for Eraserhead Press, with a focus on the New Bizarro Author Series. Her first book, Placenta of Love, is available at all the usual locations. You can stalk her online at her website or on Twitter at @spikemarlowe.

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