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Bizarro Audiobooks!

Cannibal Fat Camp by David C. Hayes and Mark C. Scioneaux has been announced as the first release of Bizarrocast’s line of audio books. Available for download now, this is the first in a line of audio books focusing on the Bizarro genre.

Already out in print and digital format, Cannibal Fat Camp tells the story of Miles Landish, a teenager whose eating problems quickly land him in more trouble than he can handle when he is shipped off to the fat camp from hell. After devouring the lunches of half of his classmates, Miles finds himself at Camp Tum Tum, a fat camp for the children of the elite and ultra-wealthy, located on an isolated tropical island. But sanity is lost faster than weight at Camp Tum Tum, and soon human flesh finds its way to the menu. Written by David C. Hayes, co-author of the comic book series Scorn, and Mark Scioneaux, author of Family Dinner, their book Cannibal Fat Camp has been described as a Bizarro take on “Lord of the Flies.”

This is only the first in a line of audio book releases set by Bizarrocast, with the goal of taking books of Bizarro and niche horror that have seen success in print and converting them to audio. In operation for over a year, and nominated for a Parsec Award, Bizarrocast is known for being the first Bizarro fiction audio magazine, and has published over thirty stories from authors well-known in their fields, like Jeff Burk, Garrett Cook, and Cat Rambo. It has also been host to stories by rising stars like Chris Kelso and Bear Weiter. It is the hopes of everyone on the Bizarrocast team that the line audio books will help to spread this burgeoning genre.

Cannibal Fat Camp is available for download here.

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