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Weekly Weird Art: Mark Prent

By Sam Reeve

Mark Prent is a Polish-born Canadian sculptor and performance artist whose grotesque work has caused a stir since the 70’s. In 1972 and ’74 his work was exhibited in the Isaacs Gallery in Toronto, and both times the police tried shutting it down after a public morality group complained about the nature of the art. The gallery’s right to display the art was successfully defended each time.

Born in Lodz, Poland in 1947, Mark’s parents immigrated to Canada when he was still an infant and he was raised in Montreal. He now lives in Vermont with his wife and continues to create his disturbing sculptures. Although he hasn’t exhibited in years, he uses them in his performance art, and his son (a videographer) records the sessions.

After checking out the gallery below, be sure to visit his website to see more fucked up art!

One response

  1. Anonymous

    I like the dude in the wheel chair..

    September 8, 2013 at 9:02 pm

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