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Weird Comic Watch: Mesmo Delivery


KA-BLAM! A beefy trucker and an elderly Elvis impersonator are hired to deliver a mystery package cross-country, only they run into a little trouble at a secluded grease pit and the whole world might end because of it. This book would be so simple if not for the slicing dicing blade of insane ultraviolent artwork inside, all created by a Brazilian guy named Grampa.


That’s the unbridled weirdness of Mesmo Delivery. The concept is odd-yet-simple, but the real star of this book is Rafael Grampa’s drawing ability. Like Frank Quitely or Moebius, there is a ridiculous level of detail in his work, allowing for all sorts of weird stuff to happen on the way to finding out just what the hell is in the back of that truck.


Along with that you get giant splatter trails of blood, fancy Elvis lyrics in the background, a guy with a concrete fist, and maybe Satan as well. There are surreal smiling cartoon characters and faux brand names sprinkled throughout, giving the book a silly-yet-unsettling feel. Mesmo Delivery is tough, violent, and funny, full of ballsy attitude surfing a wave of raw talent. So if you’re a fan of beautifully weird comics, get a copy, ya idgit!


One response

  1. Well, this looks awesome. My stack of comics to read is already about waist high, but what’s one more, right?

    May 9, 2013 at 12:11 pm

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