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Day 25: Joel-Peter Witkin

By Sam Reeve

Since Tracy Vanity has done an exceptional job at shitting all over this holiday (read the post here), I won’t even bother to do so myself. Just know that I hate this day and that from this hate Weird Art Month was born!

Today’s artist is the photographer Joel-Peter Witkin. His work is dark, grotesque and totally awesome and not Christmas-appropriate. His work often features corpses, dwarves and other strange subjects. For the corpse/body part work, he had to shoot in Mexico so as to avoid the law.

Warning: some of these may be disturbing.

Happy holidays!



cupid and centaur








2 responses

  1. One of the best artists ever. Perfect Horrormas pick!

    December 25, 2012 at 10:42 pm

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