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Day 19: Jordu Schell

By Sam Reeve

Jordu Schell is a sculptor and concept artist. He started out making Halloween masks, but has been working in the film industry as a sculptor and creature designer since the 80’s. Though you might not know his name, you have definitely seen his work: His filmography includes TONS of big-budget stuff like Avatar, 300, Hellboy, and The Mist.

Now that he’s an established expert in the field, he also teaches classes at his own studio. You can find more of his work and info on his classes here.

Feast your eyes on his fabulous creations below. Hover over the pictures to find out more about the pieces. Enjoy!

Sculpted for Creature of Darkness

Sketch for the X-Files


Alley Dweller Mask Design

Ghoulpire Mask

hybrid 2 mask





2 responses

  1. creepy and inspiring..

    December 19, 2012 at 8:43 pm

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