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Day 20: Meatball Machine

By Sam Reeve

Japanese Horror Month is all about diversity and contrast, so after a very tame black and white horror film yesterday, today’s post would naturally be something totally insane and gory. Meatball Machine is linked to several of the other movies that we’ve seen this month: The director, Yudai Yamaguchi, also wrote Day 1’s Versus, and the special effects and makeup were done by the same guy who did Tokyo Gore Police and Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl.

Meatball Machine features necroborgs, disgustingly mutated people that are controlled by tiny little aliens that infest humans for sport. The necroborgs can only survive by fighting and eating each other.

Yoji is a shy, lonely guy who works at some kind of machinist shop. He always eats his lunch outside while watching a neighbour hanging her laundry. One night he gets beat up by a tranny outside a porno theatre, and while whimpering in the trash next to the building, he finds a weird pod thing. He takes it home and leaves it in his closet.

As fate would have it, he later saves the girl he likes from being raped by one of his co-workers and they both end up back at his place, where the pod awakens and takes over the girl’s body.

From there on it’s just a bunch of monster necroborg fighting with a hint of romance.

WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH IT: If you like ridiculous movies like Tokyo Gore Police, you’re sure to like this too. It’s just entertaining and is the perfect thing to share with friends. The gore and costumes are all great, very detailed and imaginative.

The scene where he gets beat up by a horny tranny is also pretty hilarious.

WHAT DIDN’T WORK: The plot was a bit weak I thought, and the necroborg fights were great, but went on for way too long. The last half of the movie was just one long necroborg fight and after a while it wasn’t interesting for me anymore.

Here is a trailer for the film, and below that is the full movie with English subtitles. Enjoy!


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