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Day 17: Wicked City (1987)

By Sam Reeve

For today’s Japanese Horror Month we have Wicked City, an anime film directed by the same guy who wrote Bio Hunter (featured four days ago). Wicked City is a neo-noir horror about the worlds of mortals and “black” supernatural beings. These beings can cross over into our normal world, but often do so to eat us or destroy shit.

A peace treaty is being signed by the two worlds and an “important” man, Giuseppi Mayart, is coming to town to oversee it. Of course the radicals from the black world keep trying to kill him, so he has two guards: Taki (a man from the Black Guard), and Makie (a woman of the black world who wants peace). I out “important” in quotations because although you think at first Giuseppi will be a wise old important dude like yoda, he’s actually a rude, stupid pervert who just wants to bang girls and look at porn. He also wears a track suit.

There’s quite a bit of sexual content in this movie, and Wikipedia aptly describes it like this:

The film is a sexual thriller in which sex is portrayed mainly as a weapon (sex with monsters, rape and torture), and only briefly used as a form of romantic expression, though in such a way as to not consider the film hentai. The film portrays demons as beings that can walk in human form and seduce their prey much like a Siren, instilling castration anxiety in the viewer through use of demons with vagina dentata.

WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH IT: There are lots of demons, melting tits, succubi and even tentacle rape. If you liked Akira, you could probably get into this movie too. The ending wasn’t one I saw coming, and though it kind of annoyed me for being too perfect, it wasn’t totally predictable (or maybe I’m just dumb).

Wicked City starts off pretty exciting too. Just like Bio Hunter, within the first five minutes a couple is having sex. She didn’t turn into a demon during the sex like the woman had in Bio Hunter, so I was a little disappointed. BUT THEN, right after they do the deed, she turns into a spider monster with a vagina-mouth. YES. These people delivered.

Here is a clip of the spider woman scene I just described, and below I’ve posted the full movie which can be watched on Youtube in English.

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  3. Anonymous

    great find!

    June 9, 2015 at 2:01 am

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