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Day 10: Ghost Hunt (2006-2007)

By Sam Reeve

The last anime show I talked about for Japanese Horror Month was one I couldn’t get into, but fortunately Ghost Hunt is one I find much more promising. Unlike many of the other anime series I’ve been watching, Ghost Hunt actually started off as a series of novels by Fuyumi Ono, then was adapted to a manga.

There are eight chapters, split up into a total of 25 episodes. I’ve only made it through the first three, but I’m already hooked. The plot starts like this:

Telling ghost stories is a favorite past time of Mai Taniyama and her friends—that is, until she meets 17-year-old Kazuya Shibuya, the man sent by Shibuya Psychic Research Center to investigate paranormal activity at a supposedly haunted school. When Mai gets caught in a dangerous situation, she is rescued by Kazuya’s assistant. Saving her lands the assistant incapacitated, and Kazuya demands that Mai become his assistant, instead…

They basically have to investigate lots of creepy shit to either get rid of it, or prove that it’s something else.

WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH IT: I found this to be a pretty fitting anime for this month. It actually gave me the willies several times, but of course it didn’t help that I was watching it alone at night.

I’ve always found it difficult to take animes too seriously and get creeped out by them, mostly because I can’t get over how bug-eyed everyone has been drawn and the spiky hair. This anime definitely challenged that and I was most pleased. If you believe in ghosts, or at least find that kind of stuff unnerving anyway, give this show a try for sure.

Below I’ve posted half of episode one, and below that is the full episode, but you have to sign into Youtube because that uploader won’t allow embedding or any such shenanigans. Enjoy!

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