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by Jeff Burk

Action figure madman, Xysma, has been taking toys and art supplies and creating mini works of art based on his favorite characters from all sorts of media. Recently, they turned their attention to the work of Carlton Mellick III.

Check out this amazing T-2000 figure from ZOMBIES AND SHIT:

Then they took on WARRIOR WOLF WOMEN OF THE WASTELAND. Here is Mayor McCheese and the Hamburgler:

What I think is really cool, is Xysma was so inspired by the book that they started inventing other citizens of McDonald Land. My favorite is the Fry Guy:

Here’s the back story and creation process courtesy of Xysma:

“The last remaining brother from a group of mutant siblings, the scarred and insane mutant known only as “The Fry Guy” terrorizes the Wasteland seeking vengeance for his lost brothers.

I used Superboy lower torso and legs, a styrofoam ball for his head, burned slightly to give it some texture and burned a little deeper in the places I wanted to be burn scars. Eyes are coll eyes, sculpted over with green stuff, mouth is sculpted in green stuff with toothpick tips inserted for teeth, and finally the hair is all sculpted from green stuff.”

Click on the picture below to check out more of Xysma’s awesome work:

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  1. These kick ass! I want them! ;)

    May 17, 2012 at 2:56 pm

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