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Interview Outtake with Justin Grimbol

Justin Grimbol is a funny, funny man with a relaxed, Zen take on life. He’s one of those people who can look at the world and see the amusing, strange and hilarious bits, and then bring those bits home to his readers. Grimbol’s most recent book, The Crud Masters, is an excellent example of this.

In the outtakes from the interview I conducted with him, Justin talks about how, if the tech existed, he’d modify his body, and what kind of flag he envisions for this year’s New Bizarro Authors.

In the Crud Masters, some characters modify their bodies in a variety of ways. If you were a moddy, how would you be modified and why?

I once knew this guy who had born with a bunch of extra nipples and fingers and toes (the extra toes and fingers had been removed but the scars were still there). He even had a tail. The guy just looked bigger than most men. He looked like he had spent and eternity in his mother’s womb growing all sorts of extra things. He once told me he had two dicks. I believed him. I was so excited to know a man that had two dicks. It was like getting to meet the real Santa Clause. Life was filled with magic and possibility again. Then he told me he was just fucking with me, that he only had one cock. I was heartbroken. I almost cried.

So that’s what I would want. I would want a second dick—-For sentimental reasons.

The Crud Masters use a pair of dirty panties for a flag. If this year’s NBAS had a flag, what would it be?

A picture of us dressed up as the characters from Young Guns. Troy would be Billy the kid. Spike, you can be Chaves Y Chaves, cause you’re so mysterious. I would be Dirty Steve. I want to be Doc, but I would be probably be Dirty Steve. I wish I could be both. S.d Foster would be Doc Holiday. Constance would be Arkansas Dave Rudabaugh, the wise ass played by Christian Slater in the sequel. Eric Beeny would be Charley. Michael Allen Rose would be Richard Brewer. Vince Kramer is Pat Garrett. Only in our version Pat Garrett never betrays Billy the Kid and nobody dies and they go on being badass forever.And I think the picture should be glow in the dark. And I think it should be a hologram.

For seven weeks
, each of the other authors in the NBAS 2011-2012 will be featured on my blog at; each week a New Bizzaro Author will be highlighted. On Mondays, I’ll post a review of the author of the week’s book, on Wednesdays I’ll post an author interview, and on Fridays I’ll post an amazing piece of writing by the featured author.

What’s even better is that, each week, Bizarro Central will post exclusive outtakes from the interviews. These outtakes will give you a special look at each author’s unique personality and provide special insight into their books.

The rest of Justin Grimbol’s interview will be available on my blog Wednesday, February 22nd. You can’t miss it; it’s HILARIOUS.

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