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Interview Outtake with S.D. Foster

New Bizarro Author S.D. Foster hails from Dorset, England, a far cry from the hub of Bizarro fiction. His unique voice is welcome to the movement – very literary, reminiscent of Aesop, yet all Bizarro.

A Hollow Cube is a Lonely Space is an amazing book. It’s entertaining, fun, strange, scary, heartbreaking, mind bending. I’ve never met S.D., but based on this interview, I expect S.D. Foster is all that, and more. 

In this week’s NBAS interview outtakes, we learn what kind of child turns into an NBA, and get some excellent film referrals.

Your stories seem fairly safe on the surface — maybe, like Aesop’s fables, something you might read to your child. This, of course, is not the case — your stories have a lot of teeth. This makes me wonder — what were you like as a child?

Quiet, compliant, academic, sarcastic, prone to bouts of introspection, a player of silly word games, a pacifist; but beneath this façade, an inept, would-be super-villain. Actually, rather similar to what I’m like as an adult.

Please tell us about your favorite cult and exploitation films, and how they have affected you as a writer. 

It goes without saying that I’m a fan of the Davids (Lynch and Cronenberg), Frank Hennenlotter, John Waters, Stuart Gordon et al. I’m also partial to films about killer animals—Rats: Night of Terror, Food of the Gods, Night of the Lepus—and sinister children—Who Can Kill a Child?, It’s Alive, Village of the Damned. One of my favorite directors is the little-known Russian, Aleksandr Rou (Alexander Row), who made fairytale adaptations like The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors and The Golden Horns, which fans of The Brothers Grimm and Lewis Carroll have to see. What I love about films like these is the way they push the boundaries of credulity. Nothing is too outlandish, everything is possible—and that’s something I try to emulate in my stories.


For seven weeks, each of the other authors in the NBAS 2011-2012 will be featured on my blog at; each week a New Bizzaro Author will be highlighted. On Mondays, I’ll post a review of the author of the week’s book, on Wednesdays I’ll post an author interview, and on Fridays I’ll post an amazing piece of writing by the featured author.

What’s even better is that, each week, Bizarro Central will post exclusive outtakes from the interviews. These outtakes will give you a special look at each author’s unique personality and provide special insight into their books.

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