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Spike Marlowe’s Interview with Constance Ann Fitzgerald

by Spike Marlowe

Constance Ann Fitzgerald knows how to rock a book. Her Trashland A Go-Go is a fantastic romp through a magical land no one would ever dream of visiting. Of course, reading about the fantastic Coco and her adventures in Trashland is another matter.

This week’s New Bizarro Author Series featured interview is with the amazing Constance Ann Fitzgerald, who gives us a glimpse at how Trashland A Go-Go became part of this year’s New Bizarro Author Series.


Could you tell us the history of Trashland a Go-Go?

Trashland A Go-Go started as the poorly titled workshop entry, “Covered in Creamed Corn” for the BizarroCon 2010 High Concept Workshop.

There was a woman that my boss hired to remodel the store where I work. She was just DREADFUL. She hated me, and I couldn’t figure out why. She made going to work unbearable–and that’s BEFORE you factor in all the Creeps I deal with.

I was trying to come up with a pitch for the workshop and this woman was making me crazy. She used to talk about how she was a stripper before she had her son. So, I thought “What is the worst possible thing I can do to a stripper?”

The answer seemed to be a humiliating accident/sabotage and then a healthy helping of degradation.
Trashland started as an outlet for my anger towards this woman. During the workshop, I got tired of spelling out her ridiculous name on notecards and I saw a greater opportunity to write a character that I could like. One who I wouldn’t mind writing a stronger role for. One that I WANTED to see succeed. It got switched up after the workshop and there only ended up being a minor nod to her and her stupid name in the final version.

After the workshop my wonderful friend, Kevin Shamel got the job as the NBAS editor for Eraserhead Press. He had been my partner in the workshop and helped me plot out the story. He asked me to finish the story (he gave me TWO weeks! I may have taken three. Because I’m a professional and shit) and submit it to the series.

It was a great process. Being forced to work on the story right then ended up being really good for me. The editing process was educational and (I would say) really smooth. I think having the person who has been my mentor for the last year or so ALSO be my editor was really beneficial. I’m very lucky in that aspect. And in damn near everything related to the publication of this book.

…Am I still talking?

The rest of the interview goes live on February 8th at


Through March, each of the authors in the NBAS 2011-2012 will be featured on my blog at; each week a New Bizzaro Author will be highlighted. On Mondays, I’ll post a review of the author of the week’s book, on Wednesdays I’ll post an author interview, and on Fridays I’ll post an amazing piece of writing by the featured author.

What’s even better is that, each week, Bizarro Central will post exclusive outtakes from the interviews. These outtakes will give you a special look at each author’s unique personality and provide special insight into their books.

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