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Interview: Constance Ann Fitzgerald on Trashland A Go-Go

by Justin Grimbol

Trashland A Go-Go is about a stripper named Coco. She’s a real badass, super babe with all sorts of stripper-ish issues. She dies after a freak pole dancing accident. Her sleazy boss doesn’t want to deal with having a dead stripper on his hands so he wraps her up and puts in the dumpster behind the club. Coco comes to, but she is not in heaven or hell, at least not in the traditional sense. She is in a world made out of trash.
This is an intense book. It’s basically Alice in Wonderland,(but I hated Alice in Wonderland and I found this book to be a zillion times more entertaining). Constance Ann Fitzgerald’s writing is smooth and seductive and incredibly vivid. It attacks the senses. Not only does she do a great job explaining what the trash world looks like, she makes the reader really feel how greasy and smushy everything is and how bad it all smells. I felt kinda oily while I was reading this book (I still feel kinda oily, but that’s just because I need to shower).
This book is completely enchanting. And gross. I mean, it made me gag, but in a really enjoyable way. I grew up watching John Waters and I love shock humor. This book actually reminded me of his movie DESPERATE LIVING. I appreciate a writer that can do a really good gross-out tale.
This book is great. Read it a zillion times.

Here is an interview with the author.

Justin Grimbol: Was there any point when you were writing this book when you grossed yourself out?

Constance Ann Fitzgerald: Not so much during the actual writing of it. I would just sit down and all of these things would fall out of my pen. When I went back and read it over though, I kind of surprised myself.
During the editing process I was reading the story out loud, to hear how it might sound to someone who isn’t me, and I remember thinking “Aw, man. Do I really need to do this to Victor?”
The answer was clearly yes. That guy had it coming.

JG: If you could get a celebrity to play Coco who would it be and who would you have play the evil queen?

CAF: My first instinct on Coco is Selma Hayek. Not so much because I think she’d be a good Coco, but because I KNOW she can give one hell of a lap dance. Did you SEE From Dusk ‘Til Dawn?! Whew!
Because I really just enjoy her look and the attitude of the characters she tends to play, I’d go with Azura Skye.
The Queen? Isabella Rossellini. Just to listen to her shout about eating hearts in that gorgeous accent of hers.

JG: If this was made into a film would you want it to be animated or live action?

CAF: Oh Man. . . I grew up on Disney princesses (and still adore them to this day) and part of me sort of visualizes the story that way. But the potential gross out factor for a live action Trashland A Go-Go is SO high. There is an entire chapter that could absolutely rival the “shit eating grin” scene in Pink Flamingos. I don’t know that I could resist that.

JG: What is your favorite childhood snack?

CAF: Baby carrots. My Grandmother used to tell me all the time that they would be good for my eyes. Tell that to my cataracts!

JG: Name three things that gross you out.

1.) People chewing with their mouths open/smacking their food
2.) When your hand is wet and a single strand of hair wraps itself around your fingers and it becomes a tangled, wet, icky web.
3.) Harlequin babies. If you don’t know, don’t google it. I repeat, DON’T google it. (You’re already googling it now, aren’t you? You sick bastard.)

(I ended up looking it up. oh man. whatthefuck-JG)

JG: What non-bizarro writer do you think every bizarro fan should read?

CAF: I think that everyone, bizarro and otherwise, should read at LEAST one book by Paulo Coelho. Just to learn how to be better people.

JG: What is your least favorite holiday and why?

CAF: All holidays are pretty much an excuse to get drunk, so I am equally behind all of them.
Constance Ann Fitzgerald’s TRASHLAND A GO-GO and Justin Grimbol’s THE CRUD MASTERS  are now available on Amazon along with the rest of the 2011 New Bizarro Author Series!

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