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Day 1: Mark Riddick

By Sam Reeve

For those of you who don’t pay attention, or are just checking in, I’ll be featuring a different bizarro or horror-friendly artist each day this month. Why? Because December blows and I hate Christmas. So prepare for an awesome month here on Bizarro Central with some seriously awesome artists!

First up is Mark Riddick, metal artist extraordinaire! You should definitely buy one of his prints for your grandma this xmas. I dare you.

Riddick, an avid metal fan, started off in the early 90’s by doing illustrations for demo tapes and the fanzines. Some of his fanzine covers are currently on display at the Galeria de Muerte in Tokyo, Japan. Eventually Mark got a fine arts degree, and I absolutely love thinking that he handed in this bad-ass stuff for his assignments. I imagine his profs reacted similarily to how your gran will react when she opens your gift:

I believe this to be a look of awe, joy, gratitude and possibly a dash of pre-orgasm. At least that’s how I feel when I look at his stuff. So, let’s not delay, and take a gander at some of Mark Riddick’s work.

Mark has done artwork for both well-known and underground metal bands alike, from merchandise to album covers. He’s done work for Trivium, Dethklok, Terrorizer Magazine, and Suicide Silence, just to name a few.

In addition to this, he’s got several books out. Killustration (now out of print) and Rotten Renderings are both collections of his work. Mark also compiled and annotated Logos from Hell, which features the iconic metal logos by all the major artists, as well as himself.

So, have yourself a good month and be sure to check back. And with this, I wish you a happy holiday:

3 responses

  1. NICK

    Hell’s yeah that is awesome especially love the Black Dahlia Murder artwork. Very cool thank you Sam for this awesome look at a kick ass artist and can’t wait for the rest of your contributions during the month.

    December 1, 2011 at 7:26 pm

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