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Riot Dog is more Hardcore than you!

“Riot Dog is a nickname given to both Kanellos (“Cinnamon” in Greek) and Loukaniko (“Sausage” in Greek), two stray dogs from Athens that became famous for their nearly ubiquitous presence during every major protest in Greece since 2008. Although Kanellos sadly passed away in 2008 of unknown causes, his spirit of rebellion continue to be celebrated through online tributes and the torch carried on by Loukaniko, the second incarnation of riot dog who remains active in the street protests to this day.” – Know Your Meme

One response

  1. mdotcarey

    I have probably crossed paths with this dog if it hangs out in Exarchia . . . which is where the brunt of the rioting happens. And where the vampire/hooker crowd congregates.

    September 9, 2011 at 11:11 am

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